Since it was founded in 2002, NYC Doggies has been one of New York City’s most distinguished dog care providers. With a comprehensive range of services (dog training, dog walking, dog hiking, dog boarding and dog sitting) and an exceptional team of people, we set out to be a different kind of company, always sensitive to our clients’ demands and our dogs’ individual needs.

Ovidiu and Jennifer with their 3 dogs: Azzy, Emma and Ollie
Ovidiu and Jennifer with their 3 dogs: Azzy, Emma and OllieOwners of NYC Doggies
Ovidiu has over 20 years of experience professionally working with dogs. He started training dogs for Schutzhund competitions, dog shows and private clients in 1997 before moving to New York and founding NYC Doggies in 2002.

A native Vermonter and lifelong owner of dogs, Jennifer is a former lawyer turned writer. In addition to co-managing the day-to-day operations of our company, Jennifer created our dog hiking service and our Urban Dog Wellness blog.

NYC Doggies dog walkers and hikers are the heart and soul of our New York City dog walking business. Through a competitive hiring process, careful selection and comprehensive training we have built a dedicated team with an unrivaled reputation in the local community. By functioning as a team, remaining in constant communication, and continually evaluating our performance, we are able to provide a reliable and superior service.

Maks P
Maks PDog Walker
Kevin R
Kevin RDog Walker
Krista T
Krista TDog Walker and Dog Hiker
Gloria B
Gloria BDog Walker
Juanga L
Juanga LDog Walker & Dog Hiker
Jorge H
Jorge HDog Walker
Fernando M
Fernando MDog Walker
Karla C
Karla CDog Walker

All our dog walkers and hikers have extensive experience with dogs, exceptional references, a strong work ethic, and have made a long-term commitment to the job. Importantly, every staff member at NYC Doggies is trained to keep our dogs safe in any situation, and have expertise in dog behavior, health, and the local dog community. With more than 30 years of cumulative experience in the NYC dog walking business and Ovidiu’s skills as a dog trainer, we can provide a service of unparalleled quality.