Puppy Program for dogs up to 4 months old

Congratulations on your new puppy! The most critical period for learning in your puppy’s life begins now, and we are here to help.

Our Puppy Program provides owners with all the tools they need to raise a healthy and well-behaved pup in the city: individual puppy walks, puppy socialization, guidance and training tips, puppy housebreaking help, and a gentle transition to our adult dog services. All puppies who sign up for our dog walking services are automatically enrolled in the Puppy Program which includes:

NYC Doggies puppy dog walks in NYC

Meet and Greet

We’ll come to your home, meet your family, and discuss the services that you need. If you decide that we are a good fit, we’ll start as soon as you are ready.

NYC Doggies puppy dog walks in NYC

Individualized puppy walks

Your puppy will receive individual walks and care, at a discounted rate, until she is 4 months old. Puppies are not be fully vaccinated until that age, but they still need to go outside. Our experienced dog walkers will be vigilant in making sure she stays safe and develops confidence in her urban environment. 

NYC Doggies puppy dog walks in NYC

Training and housebreaking

Our clients receive a free 45 minute meeting with our professional dog trainer to cover puppy training basics like how to set up a safe space for your puppy, establish healthy eating and exercise routines, encourage good habits, and how to begin housetraining.

NYC Doggies puppy dog walks in NYC

Puppy play-dates

Socialization, when your puppy is between 8-16 weeks old, is critical for her lifelong happiness. At this age she will learn how to properly interact and play with other dogs, but because she is not yet fully vaccinated, her playmates must be carefully screened. We can help appropriately match pups and provide safe, fun, and fruitful play-dates.

NYC Doggies puppy dog walks in NYC

Access to boarding and sitting

Your puppy will have access to our dog boarding and dog sitting services, which are exclusive to our dog walking clients. Thus you can be sure that, even when you are away, she is in great hands. Whether we watch her from the comfort of your home or from our own, she will receive the best care and lots of attention. 

NYC Doggies puppy dog walks in NYC

Transition to small group walks and hikes

It is so important for pups to exercise and socialize with their doggie friends and, when they are old enough, we encourage all of our clients to switch to our small group walks when pups are ready, usually at around 4 months. Your pup will also have access, at a discounted rate, to our hiking service.

NYC Doggies Puppy Program Rates

  • Puppy Program Rates

    (additional state tax of %8.875 not included)

  • Walks included
  • For term clarification, please FAQHolidays extra
  • For term clarification, please FAQOccasional and weekend extra
  • For term clarification, please FAQOff-hours
  • regular walk
  • $15

    per walk

  • 1 x 30 min walks
  • $10
  • $5
  • $10
  • quick-sit
  • $65

    per night

  • 2 x 30 min walks
  • $20
  • boarding
  • $100

    per 24 hours

  • as many as needed
  • $30
  • training
  • $85

    per 45 min session

Puppy Program FAQ

Our terms defined:

Regular walk” = a walk that belongs to an indefinitely recurring schedule, a minimum of 4 days per week, at about the same time each day, Monday through Friday, during our work hours (8AM to 6PM).
Occasional walk” = a walk that take place during our work hours, Monday through Friday, but does not meet one or more criteria to be a “regular walk” 
Off-hours walk” = a walk that takes place outside our work hours, Monday through Friday 
Weekend walk” = a walk that take place on weekends, during our work hours
Holiday walk” = a walk that take place during a Federal holiday  

Our work hours are 8 AM to 6 PM during the week, and 10 AM to 3 PM during the weekend and on holidays. 

A puppy walk is 30 min from the time the walker enters the apartment until he/she leaves. We use NFC tags, placed in the apt, to scan in/out so clients are instantly notified when their puppy is walked. 

We can definitely help provide 2~3 regular puppy walks per day if needed. 

Puppy walks take place around your residence. The distance we travel depends a lot on each puppy and it usually increases as the puppy gets older. We take great care during the walks to avoid those places usually favored by dogs to poop and pee. We also make sure that the puppy does not eat anything off the ground.

We will do our best to assign the same dog walker for most of your puppy’s walks. However, if your puppy needs multiple walks per day, at different time frames, each walk might have a different dog walker. Our team is relatively small so it would pretty much always be the same 2~3 dog walkers. We also encourage our clients to socialize their puppy to different people, of different genders and different ethnicities as that will pay dividents later in their puppy’s life.

We can feed your pup, change the wee-wee pads and quickly clean up the mess (if any). All these are included in the price of the walk. 

We can do that but we strongly advise against it. 
During this period your puppy is “imprinting” – he is learning how to be a confident dog in the urban world, and our walkers are experienced in making sure he feels safe and comfortable by carefully socializing him to new environments, people, and other dogs. Failure to work on that, every day, when the puppy is between 7-16 weeks old, will most likely have severe behavioral consequences for him. 

Absolutely! All the dogs that we walk are very friendly. We can help match your puppy with other dogs similar in age and energy level – and most impoortantly with dogs that we know are healthy. 

After a puppy turns 4 months old, he usually joins our small group walks. In the beginning with just one other dog, that matches his personality and energy level. We would still provide individual walks to a dog that’s older than 4 months if the dog is sick and cannot/should not be walked with other dogs. In that case though,  the “individual walk” rate would apply. 

In our initial meeting we will discuss all details regarding our dog walking service and we will gladly provide and encourage you to contact our dog walking clients. We have a very long list of references!

The first step is to fill out the form found on the “Contact Us” page.  We will get back to you shortly and answer all your questions and set up a time to meet. 
After our meet and greet, we’ll be ready to start when you are. 

Photos of our pups over the years