NYC Dog Walking , Training , Hiking & more


1We are well known in the local dog community for our exceptional dog services, loved by our clients and adored by our dogs.


2Our team’s expertise in dog behavior sets us apart and allows us to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service.

Full Service

3Our diverse services and round-the-clock availability provides our dogs with quality care and our clients with peace of mind.

Personalized Care

4We tailor our services to meet our dogs’ specific needs. They are part of our family and are always given individualized care.

Our Services at a Glance

Dog Walking

NYC Dog Walking

Small Group Walks

We walk our dogs in small groups of maximum three, and match them based on their preferences, personality, size and proximity to each other.

Individual Walks

Dogs that require special care, that are sick or too old to play with the youngsters, are taken on individual walks and given lots of attention.

Dog Run Walks

Our dog walkers provide trips to dog runs where your doggie, the social creature that she is, will be encouraged to play and socialize.

Street Walks

For dogs that dislike the dog runs, our dog walkers provide walks on NYC’s streets, letting them explore NYC’s neighborhoods like never before.

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Dog Training

NYC Dog Training

Puppy Training

Puppy training for doggies aged 2 to 6 months old. With a solid training foundation, your pup will grow up to be a happy, well behaved doggie.

Basic Training

The dog will learn good behavior and the most important obedience commands while the owner learns to better communicate with his best friend.

Advanced Training

Obedience training to dog competition standards. Your dog will learn to master obedience commands and become dependable in all situations.

Behavioral Training

Ovidiu will work one on one with the client and his dog to eliminate any unwanted behavioral issues and instill desirable patterns of behavior.

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Dog Hiking

NYC Dog Hiking

All Sizes

Mini-dachshund, mastiff or mid-sized mutt, all dogs are healthier and happier when they get the chance to trade the city pavement for a mountain trail.

All Seasons

We hike all year round because every season has its magic. Why give your dog a salty sidewalk when you can give her a winter wonderland?

All Terrains

Some only like the forest, some only like the sand dunes. We like the mountains, the beaches, the rivers and everything lovely in between.

All Energies

Her usual dose of exercise may be a saunter down Broadway, but given the chance, all dogs will transform from City Slicker to Explorer Extraordinaire.

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Dog Boarding

NYC Dog Boarding


We board dogs from our apartments and you can drop-off or pick him up yourself; or we can do this at a time that is most convenient to you.


In our care, your dog will go out for at least 4hrs/day and play in a nearby park or dog run. Occasionally we will go on hikes or to the beach.


We never crate or isolate the dogs we board. We have comfy dog beds and tons of toys for them to feel at home, play and sleep like babies.

In Touch

We know how much you will miss your puppy and because of that we promise to keep you up-to-date and send you photos and videos.

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Dog Sitting

NYC Dog Sitting


We’ll take care of your dog from the comfort of her own house and provide as many walks as are needed to her favorite locations.

Care for All

We will feed and care for all your other pets as well water all your plants and bring inside your daily mail.

Cuddle Time

We will spend the night over with your dog and give her a lot of extra attention and cuddling before and after bedtime.


On your return, we promise you will find your house exactly the way you left it and your doggie will be happy, healthy and relaxed.

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