Dog Sitting

For our traveling clients who want their doggie to be taken care of from the comfort of their home, we offer as many walks per day as they deem necessary. The walks will be equally spread out throughout the day so that your dog spends the minimum amount of time all by himself.  During the walks, we will make sure he gets a lot of exercise and plenty of playtime in the dog run.

One of us will stay overnight so that your dog won’t feel bored and lonely.  He will get a lot of attention and we will tend to any specific needs that he might have. We will also feed and take care of any additional pets in the household as well as water your plants and accept your deliveries.

Availability for dog sitting is limited to our existing customers and dogs that we already know. We will be easily reachable by phone or email so that you always stay informed on your dog’s activities.

Dog Sitting Rates

$35per night
  • from ~ 9:30 PM to ~7 AM

Getting Started with NYC Doggies

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2. Meet With Us

We’ll meet in person, or on a Zoom call, to discuss all aspects of the services you are interested in.

3. Register

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4. The Fun Begins

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