Exclusive Dog Sitting Services

For NYC Doggies Dogs

Our dog-sitting service is limited to dogs that we already know very well through our other services, and it consists of:

  • A late-night walk, around 9 PM.
  • An overnight sleepover, from around 9:30 PM until around 7:30 AM. It starts right after the late-night walk.
  • An early-morning walk, around 7 AM.

Dog-sitting clients can book additional walks throughout the day, so that their dog is never home alone for far too long. We will offer your dog lots of attention and all the care and affection she may need. We can also tend to your plants and receive any incoming deliveries.

Dog Sitting Rates

Overnight sleepover: $35 per night.
Please refer to the pricing tables on the Dog Walking page for our walk rates.
Our rates are 25% extra during holiday periods (including the adjacent weekend days).
The rate for each additional dog in the household is 50% off.

Learn about our cancellation policy here.