Dog Boarding

Going away and having to leave your dog in somebody else’s care might be a scary thought to some, but not when NYC Doggies takes care of your best friend. When your dog comes to our house, he becomes a member of our family. He will experience a warm, loving environment with comfortable sofas, fluffy blankets, lots of toys, treats, and playtime.

Our dog boarding service is limited to dogs that we already know very well through our services. Boarding a maximum of 2~3 dogs per household at any one time, we ensure that the dogs get a lot of attention and that we are able to take care of all their specific needs. Unfortunately, that also means that availability can be limited during some periods of the year.

Discover some of the features and details about our dog boarding service:

NYC Doggies Team

A familiar face

When our pups are picked up for boarding the transition is seamless because they are excited to vacation with their walker! The close relationship allows our pups to feel immediately safe and comfortable in their new surroundings.

Dog hiking fun

Loving home

While in boarding with us, dogs are part of our family. We provide a safe and nurturing home environment, lots of toys, comfortable beds and of course, a loving lap!

Dog running

Fun-filled days

Boarding with NYC Doggies is not just a place to sleep and eat. We love to go on multiple outings to nearby parks, to dog runs, and sometimes even hiking in the mountains!

Dog Boarding Pick up

Pick-up and Drop-off

Picking up your pup and bringing her home is all a part of our boarding service. Schedule your vacation and let us do the rest! We only need your dog, we’ll provide everything else.

Dachshund dog hiking

Hygienic care

We are happy to administer pills or tend to any medical issues, and dogs in our care are always cleaned and brushed. Your shedding monster will be returned to you in tip-top shape!


Photo and Video Updates

We encourage our boarding clients to check in and see how much fun the dogs are having. We will send photos and videos by email, and frequently post pics of our adventures to our Facebook page.

Dog Boarding Rates

$110per 24 hrs
    w/ Quarterly
    $100per 24 hrs

      Getting Started with NYC Doggies

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