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Exclusive Dog Boarding Services

For NYC Doggies Dogs

Our dog boarding service is limited to dogs that we already know very well through our other services, or to dogs in training.

Boarding no more than three dogs at any one time, we ensure that everyone gets a lot of attention and that we are able to take care of all their specific needs. Unfortunately, that also means that availability can be limited during some periods of the year.

What to expect

A Loving Home

While in boarding with us, dogs become honorary members of our family. We provide a safe and nurturing home environment, and a daily schedule full of physical activities, mental stimulation, and lots of cuddles.

mom with two kids and dog reading a book
Golden Retriever cuddling with kid while boarding with NYC Doggies
dog playing with toy

What’s on the menu

Fun-Filled Days

Dogs boarding with us enjoy the freedom of being outdoors and leash-free for most of the day. Whether it’s engaging in play with each other or with us humans, fetching balls, or accompanying us on outdoor adventures, they’re constantly active. For downtime, they can unwind on our shaded deck or lounge on a sofa indoors. You won’t find any crates or kennels in our home.

Everyone gets

Complimentary Perks

Dogs swimming while boarding with NYC Doggies

Nature Hikes

Dogs staying with us for more than seven days will join us on a two-hour nature hike, and swimming during the warmer months.

Daily Body Checks

Our property is sprayed for ticks multiple times per year, and tends to be tick free. We still do through body checks, especially for hiking dogs.

Dogs playing fetch while boarding with NYC Doggies

Photo & Video Updates

We will frequently post photo and video updates of your dog’s adventures with us on his/her private online media album.

Familiar Comforts

Dogs have access to most of our house and can rest whenever and wherever they prefer… on our sofas, a comfy dog bed, or on the cool floor.

Dog with cone

Medical Care

We are happy to administer pills or tend to any medical needs a dog might have, providing they don’t require a DVM’s supervision.

dog cooling off in pool while boarding with NYC Doggies

Departure Bath

Dogs in our care will return home clean and odor-free. Clients must provide the shampoo for dogs with special skin care needs.

Personalize your dog’s care

Add-on Services

hiking dog icon

Nature Hike

Two-hour off-leash nature hike and swimming during the warmer months.

icon of dog in training

Training Practice

One-hour maintenance training session for dogs that have already completed board-training with us.

dog food icon

Homemade Dinner

A tasty and healthy homemade dinner with fresh, human-grade ingredients. Learn more!

dog bone icon

Grilled Marrowbone

A delicious marrowbone, grilled by us to perfection, to keep any dog entertained for hours.

nail clipper icon

Nail Clipping

Everyone hates nail clipping. We’ll do this dirty job once, and hope your dog will forgive us.

toothbrush icon


Before tucking in everyone for a night’s rest, we’ll brush your dog’s teeth and kiss her goodnight.

Hair Brushing

We’re not professional groomers but we can do a pretty good job brushing most types of dog hair.

car icon


Pick-up and drop-off are available for dogs boarding with us for at least three consecutive nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What requirement must my dog meet in order to be able to board with you?Ovidiu Stoica2023-09-09T17:57:34-04:00

All the dogs that come to stay with us must be very friendly with all dogs and people (especially with little kids), show no signs of anxiety, be up to date on their vaccinations, and not suffer from any serious medical conditions. That’s it!

For more details, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Where will my dog stay while boarding with you?NYC Doggies2023-09-09T00:44:29-04:00

We offer boarding and training at Ovidiu’s suburban home in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

The home environment allows us to build a loving and attuned relationship with dogs who join us in our daily activities and adventures.

For more details, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Will my dog be crated while boarding with you?NYC Doggies2024-02-07T11:19:37-05:00

We do not crate the dogs that stay with us. While crates serve specific useful purposes for travel, healthcare, and managing the environment of dogs with severe behavioral issues, in everyday use,  the harmful side effects from crating puppies/dogs far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Dogs boarding and training with us have almost unrestricted access to our house, and can sleep wherever they feel most comfortable: a sofa, a dog bed, or the cool floor.

We’d recommend reading our Substack article “Every Puppy Needs a Crate? Think Again.

For more details, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Can I visit my dog while she’s boarding with you?NYC Doggies2023-09-09T00:39:34-04:00

Clients are always free to visit their dogs while they stay with us. We’ll even offer you a snack and a chat:)

For more details, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Will I get any updates while my dog is boarding with you?NYC Doggies2023-09-09T00:40:00-04:00

All dogs that stay with us in boarding and training will have their own private online album where we regularly post photos and videos of their adventures with us.

We are also always available to respond to questions and concerns via email or phone.

For more details, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

How far in advance can I book my dog’s stay with you?Ovidiu Stoica2023-09-09T15:51:53-04:00

Customers are welcome, and encouraged, to request our boarding services as early as possible, with priority going to those who asked first. However, we only solidify bookings up to two months in advance.

Life’s uncertainties are ever-present, but we strive to honor all our obligations. By capping the advance booking window at two months, we reduce the likelihood of having to break a commitment.

For more details, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

What should I pack for my dog’s stay with you?Ovidiu Stoica2023-09-09T16:32:20-04:00

We’ll need the following:

  • Collar with the dog’s up-to-date registration & rabies vaccine tags;
  • Leash;
  • Your dog’s food, provided you don’t want us to feed her our homemade dinners, which are an add-on service;
  • Your dog’s shampoo if she has sensitive skin;
  • The medications your dog is on;
  • An email from you with your specific care instructions ;

We don’t need the following:

  • A harness… we won’t use it;
  • Food bowls… we have plenty;
  • Dog beds… we have plenty;
  • Crates… we don’t use them;
  • Toys… we have plenty, and they’ll just get destroyed;

For more details, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

How do I get started?Ovidiu Stoica2023-09-05T23:28:17-04:00

Please fill out our Contact form, and we’ll get back to you shortly with answers to all your questions.

Dog Boarding Rates

$110per 24 hrs
    w/ Quarterly
    $100per 24 hrs
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