Dog Hiking – A Unique Service For NYC Dogs

No matter the breed, dogs are always happier when they get to be dogs and that means having a chance to explore the great outdoors. Because New York can be such a difficult city to escape from, especially with dogs in tow, we’re offering a hiking service designed to rid you of any parental guilt about keeping your pup in the city on beautiful summer days. If you’d like to send your darling for a midweek day of fun in the mountains, consider joining our hiking club.

Our hiking service is available to pups who live in certain parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, whether or not they use any of our other services. If your dog is new to us, we’ll need to get to know him with a home visit first. For occasional hikers, NYC Doggies’ dogs will be given priority when space is limited.

Discover some of the features and details about our dog hiking service:

Dog hiking fun

Full Day of Fun

Let us relieve some of your stress by getting your dog out of the apartment and into nature. Door-to-door our excursions are at least 5 hours and up to 7 hours, and we guarantee that you’ll come home to a tired pup.

NYC Doggies Team

Off-Leash Exercise

A doggie dream come true! Our hiking pups spend 3 hours off-leash running, swimming, playing, digging, sniffing, rolling, tracking, exploring and socializing. We trade city pavement for mountain trails.

Dog Hiking

Behavioral Balance

Our hikes provide socialization in a non-confined setting, lots of exercise and natural stimulation for all the senses: the ideal prescription for any dog to live a happy life and to exhibit balanced, healthy behavior.

Garmin GPS Collars

Safety First

Our hikers are prepared to handle emergency situations. They carry a medical kit at and are trained to keep the dogs safe and in sight at all times. In addition, our dogs always wear GPS tracking collars.

Dachshund dog hiking

Any Breed, Any Age

From Great Dane to Yorkie, 4 months to 14 years, we’ve hiked with dogs of all shapes, sizes and energy levels. Everyone benefits from our countryside excursions, and hikes are specifically tailored to the needs of the group.

Dog in car

Home Pick-Up & Drop-Off

We pick-up our hiking dogs in the morning between 10 and 11 AM, and guarantee home delivery in the afternoon of a happy, worn-out pup.

Dog Friends Hiking

New Friends

We thoughtfully group 3-4 dogs together and keep them on a consistent schedule so that the pups have a chance to become good friends (and they always do!).

NYC Doggies Hiking Team

Awesome Team

Our team is active, caring and well-trained. We do this because we think there is nothing better than helping the dogs we love transform from city pups into intrepid outdoor explorers!


Photo & Video Updates

Watch your pup explore the great outdoors from the comfort of home or office by following our Facebook page. We post daily pics and videos of our adventures for every hike!

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