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Dog Hiking in NYC since 2010

Dogs are always happier when they get to be dogs, and that means having a chance to explore the great outdoors.

Our dog hiking service is designed to provide city pups with opportunities to run off-leash, swim, dig, sniff, roll in the mud, play, and socialize out in the wilderness. We trade city pavement for mountain trails.

Hiking dog

Safety First

Our hikers are trained to keep the dogs safe and in sight at all times. In addition, our dogs always wear GPS tracking collars.

Dogs in the back of a car

Home Pick-Up & Drop-Off

We pick up our hiking dogs early in the morning, and guarantee home delivery in the afternoon of a happy, worn-out pup.

People and dogs by a lake

Awesome Team

Our team is active, caring, and well-trained. We do this because we love dogs and think there is no better job out there.


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we only provide hiking services in certain parts of Manhattan below 35th St.

We hike in the parks and reservations located within about an hour’s drive of NYC. In the off-season, we also go to the beach with the dogs that love it.

The entire excursion lasts about 5~7 hours, and the pups are given at least 3 hours of hiking and swimming time. Dogs are picked up between 8 – 10 AM and dropped off between 2-4 PM.

We usually take up to four dogs on each hike. The dogs are grouped based on location, size, and personality. We try to keep the groups consistent so the pups can become good friends (and they always do!).

The dogs are picked up and dropped off from home and safely transported in one of our minivans, with specifically modified interiors, to make their trip comfy and safe. We do not crate dogs in the car, but there are safety barriers separating them and the driver/hiker.

On a dog’s first hike with us, she will hike with a 15ft lightweight leash attached to the collar, until she familiarizes herself with us, the environment, and the process. To continue hiking with us, a dog must listen very well to the “come” command, or at least have a strong sense of the pack and a desire to stay with the group.

All our hiking dogs wear GPS dog collars.

Absolutely! Our hiking pups are all sizes, from Mini-Dachshunds to German Shepherd Dogs.

Ticks are very common in our neck of the woods. We strongly urge you to vaccinate your dog for Lyme disease and treat her with flea and tick prevention medication. You can read more about ticks on our blog…

In our initial meeting we will discuss all details regarding our dog hiking service and we will gladly provide and encourage you to contact our dog hiking clients. We have a very long list of references!

The first step is to fill out the form found on the “Contact Us” page.  We will get back to you shortly and answer all your questions and set up a time to meet.
After our meet and greet, we’ll be ready to start when you are.

Dog Hiking Rates

$120per hike
    starting at$105per hike
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