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Urban Dogs Can Have it All

  • Cities are Social. The diversity of people, animals, sights, sounds, smells, and experiences can’t be beat.
  • Cities Have Parks Aplenty. No concrete jungles here! Green oases are everywhere.
  • Cities Offer Services on Demand. Walks, hikes, dinner delivery, spas, and more!

Principles for a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Let Dogs be Dogs. Provide space for natural behaviors like barking, rolling, and running.
  • Find Nature in the City. Open, green spaces can provide a full sensory experience.
  • Stay Social. Take advantage of urban events, environments, and adventures.
  • Be Active in Any Environment. Rain, snow, or sunshine, get outside!

Upcoming Events

April 20th – May 5th: Cinco de Mayo. Free tequila? Prizes? Dog-friendly? Yes, please. FiDi and Midtown locations.

May 9th: Mothers Day Festivities at Boris and Horton in the village. Treats, snacks, and photos.

May 24th: Bark in the Park.  Support the North Shore Animal League, and Watch the game with your pup and other dog lovers at Citi Field!

Recurring weekends in May: Last Call Outdoor Comedy Show. Dog-friendly comedy at Bridge and Tunnel Brewery, Queens.

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