Where to Take in Art & Culture with your Pup

by Jennifer Wheeler

Cultured canines? Yup! It’s NYC, after all.

Has a family member ever asked why you tolerate the small spaces and high prices that come with life in NYC instead of trading it all in for more in the suburbs? Did you ever answer, “because New York is the one of the greatest centers of arts and culture in the world!” and then your second cousin or brother-in-law or high school bestie countered with, “but when was the last time you actually went to the Met?” and then you thought about it, and thought about it, and couldn’t remember because, after all, when you aren’t working or erranding or eating, you are squeezing in a walk with your pup?

We are here to tell you that making the most of the cultural scene in the fast-paced, expensive life that New York offers does not mean trekking up to The Met – it doesn’t even mean having to leave your dog at home. One of NYC’s greatest assets is its commitment to accessible, public art. From curated installations in Central Park to graffiti collectives in Bushwick, every neighborhood has something interesting to see when taking your pup on a leashed walk through the city.  With a spirit of adventure and an awareness of art that is literally in your own backyard, you can enrich the basic walks that you take every day or push a little further to explore something new. Next time your partner’s college bro suggests hightailing it out of the concrete jungle you, the cultural connoisseur, can explain that you and Fido make the most of this busy, exhausting, wonderful, cosmopolitan life every single day. And guess what? Your pup might also appreciate the change of scenery!

Artsy Walks

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A Little History

  • Splurge on a Guided Walking Tour: there are tour groups for everyone and every neighborhood in NYC, and most of them are dog friendly!  
  • Take an Iconic Walk across one of the world’s most famous bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge 

Make Your Own Adventure

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