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Dog Training Philosophy

All dogs can be well-trained and obedient with the right balance of motivation, correction and positive reinforcement. Because the ultimate goal of obedience training is to inhibit the dog from acting on her more primal instincts (roaming free, hunting, and testing her strength against other dogs), an effective trainer will be able to motivate the dog to perform by redirecting her energy, incentivizing different behavior, and capitalizing on her eagerness to please.

Ovidiu’s training method combines aspects of both positive enforcement techniques and traditional dog training. Positive reinforcement training motivates the dog through the use of pleasant stimuli. The handler rewards the dog with a piece of food or a toy when the dog performs a correct “Down Stay” and withholds praise, food or play for an inadequate “Come Sit”. Traditional dog training asks the trainer to use unpleasant stimuli to correct bad behavior. For example, if the trained dog breaks a “Heel” command, he is corrected with a firm voice and maybe a snap of the leash.

Both dog training methods are used at different stages in the dog’s development and also at different stages in the teaching of any given exercise. Positive reinforcement dog training methods are used to introduce dogs to new skills and concepts. They are used, above all, in training puppies and dealing with sensitive adults. Traditional dog training methods (and the introduction of negative stimuli) are used when the dog has attained a precise understanding of the skill expected of him. They are used to polish the dog’s performance and make him absolutely reliable.

Puppy Training

NYC Puppy Training

During the first 4-5 months of a puppy’s life, socialization is the most important aspect of puppy training.

They should be exposed to a broad range of experiences, other dogs and humans, and can also start with a gentle introduction to training procedures. The pups can learn to properly walk on a leash, sit, lie down and play only with acceptable objects, as well as to overcome common puppy problems such as chewing, house training, submissive urination or barking.

Using fun, play and positively reinforced techniques Ovidiu can establish the foundation for formal obedience training and help you to raise a happy, balanced, well behaved doggie.

NYC Obedience Dog Training

Ovidiu’s obedience training lessons consist of 3 phases:

Dog Training

Teaching Phase

During the teaching phase the dog learns and understands what we are asking of him. All training is done through positive reinforcement and great effort is put into creating a pleasant, playful and stimulating environment so that the dog enjoys his work. The dog will learn the standard obedience commands (come, sit, down, stay, heel) and a few tricks (give paw, play dead, roll over, touch).

The teaching phase consists of 10 lessons: 9 lessons with the dog and 1 lesson with the owner. At the completion of these 10 lessons, the dog and owner can advance to the next training phase.

Dog Training

Proofing Phase

During the proofing phase we increase the strength of the dog’s habit by asking him to perform in unusual, difficult circumstances. The dog learns to generalize the lessons he has learned, applying them to other situations. He learns to respond off-leash, to voice commands or hand signals, from short and long distances. We also work on improving reaction time and reliability of execution.

These 6 lessons take place in a nearby park, dog run or on the street, progressively adding more distractions. At this stage, most of the handling is done by the owner and her full cooperation is essential.

Dog Training

Maintenance Phase

During the maintenance phase commands are reinforced and practiced over time, in more and more complex situations, until the owner is confident in her own ability to undertake regular training exercises.

Every dog requires regular practice of the commands learned in order to maintain optimal obedience, and we encourage clients to view training as a lifelong process.
For this reason, we recommend weekly maintenance sessions with one of our trainers for at least one to three months after completion of the proofing phase.

NYC Dog Training FAQ

Ovidiu’s dog training career started in 1997 when he joined the private practice of a former police dog trainer. Ovidiu has trained dogs for Schutzhund competitions, dog shows and for private clients. He has specialized in obedience, tracking, protection and behavioral dog training.
Ovidiu only provides individual dog training lessons. The dog and his owner will get Ovidiu’s full attention and a personalized approach.
The training lessons will initially take place in a quiet park, with little distractions, near the dog’s house. Gradually, as we add more and more difficulty to the dog’s repertoire of commands, the lessons will take place on the streets, in the dog run and pretty much everywhere else. Practicing in the environment the dog lives in everyday is an important part of his learning process.
A puppy’s training lessons should start as soon as the puppy is welcomed into his new home. However, full obedience classes will start after the pup is 6 months old.
The dog will learn the typical obedience commands: “come”, “sit”, “down”, ”heel”, ”stay” as well as a few tricks like: “play dead”, “roll over”, “paw” and “touch”.
Ovidiu has extensive experience dealing with and successfully eliminating aggressive behavior. However, it may require a lot of time, practice, consistency and the full cooperation of the owner. As a consequence, the results depend a lot on the owner’s commitment.
We have a long list of references! In our initial meeting we will discuss all details regarding our dog training service and we will gladly provide and encourage you to contact our dog training clients.
Send us an email at with details regarding your dog. We will get back to you shortly and set up a time to meet for an initial consultation.

NYC Dog Training Rates

  • Dog Training Rates

    (additional state tax of %8.875 not included)

  • Training session length
  • Discount for NYCDoggies regular dog walking clients
  • puppy
  • $75

    per session

  • 45 min
  • -$15
  • obedience
  • $150

    per session

  • 60 min
  • -$20
  • teaching
  • $1200


  • 9 x 1hr private lessons with the dog and 1 x 1hr lessons with the owner.10 x 1hr
  • -$200
  • proofing
  • $600


  • 5 x 1hr private lessons with the dog and owner.5 x 1hr
  • -$100
  • maintain
  • $75

    per session

  • 45 min
  • -$15

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