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Urban Dog Wellness Program

At NYC Doggies we believe that city dogs can and should have it all, from wilderness adventures to cosmopolitan culture. Our Urban Dog Wellness program complements traditional services by offering a one-stop holistic resource for information about training, care, activities, and diet. Our goal is to help city dogs everywhere live fuller, happier lives. We hope you find everything you need here, and nothing you don’t!

Whole Dog Parenting

By Jennifer Wheeler|March 12th, 2023|Training & Care|

With discomforting frequency, the urban dogs we encounter are decked out in designer dog gear and learning the top-trending cult training methods, but they are not happy, healthy, or well-behaved.

Cleaning Out the Pantry

By Jennifer Wheeler|January 19th, 2021|Nutrition & Recipes|

To make space for 2021, and I’m going to purge my pantry. Lucky for me, I have two dogs who are more than willing to help me finish the task. Lucky for them, it's delicious and nutritious work!

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Winter Gear

By Jennifer Wheeler|January 12th, 2021|Training & Care|

When preparing to take our dogs out in the winter, whether it is for a sidewalk stroll or a hike in the woods, we have found that less is more. We recommend having just a few things on hand that will make winter outings easier and more fun for everyone.

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2020 Gift Guide

By Jennifer Wheeler|November 25th, 2020|Training & Care|

Choose something special for the dog or dog lover in your life. Shop local, buy a gift that gives back to animal welfare, or just find some fun stocking stuffers.

Raising a Pandemic Puppy

By Jennifer Wheeler|July 3rd, 2020|Training & Care|

Confinement to the home means time for puppy training, but perhaps more importantly, the companionship and comfort provided by a pet are the perfect antidote to new social distancing norms.

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Off-Season Beach Adventures

By Jennifer Wheeler|March 9th, 2020|Activities & Events|

During the fall, winter, and spring, the beach is a dog’s dream. The sand is cool and comfortable, the brisk wind is energizing, the crowds have dispersed, and most importantly, pups are permitted.

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Eggs, Asparagus, & Potatoes

By Jennifer Wheeler|February 28th, 2020|Nutrition & Recipes|

Eggs are perfect little gems of delicious nutrition! We always have them on hand for supplementing the dogs' food or for whipping up into a frittata with any kind of vegetable.

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Chicken & Butternut Squash

By Jennifer Wheeler|February 18th, 2020|Nutrition & Recipes|

Cutting up and using a whole chicken is the most basic and versatile starting point for preparing healthy meals for the human and canine members of your family. Pair with butternut squash for a delicious winter meal!

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Beef Stew

By Jennifer Wheeler|February 13th, 2020|Nutrition & Recipes|

This one-pot meal is a wintertime favorite! Hearty beef and vitamin-rich vegetables make this one of the most balanced meals for the human and canine family members.

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Roast Pork, Apples & Potatoes

By Jennifer Wheeler|January 29th, 2019|Nutrition & Recipes|

      This is the ultimate slow-cooked comfort meal. The oven is on for hours, so pick a chilly day, but don't fret: with very little prep, it's mostly hands-off cooking.

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Dog Food, the Story of Kibble

By Jennifer Wheeler|February 20th, 2012|Nutrition & Recipes|

Have you ever wondered why your dog eats a bowl full of multicolored steak and bone-shaped nuggets instead of . . . well . . . a steak and a bone? I recently fed raw chicken to my two pups in the presence of some friends and was amused, if not taken aback, by the slightly judgemental comments and questions it provoked. Feeding my dogs a varied diet, including raw meat, is a choice I have made ...

10 Hot Weather Tips for Dogs

By NYC Doggies|May 3rd, 2010|Training & Care|

Dogs pant in order to reduce their body temperature. They exhale large volumes of air and, if locked up in an unventilated area on a hot day, dogs might get heatstroke. Some other risks associated with hot weather are dehydration and sunburn.

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