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Personalized Dog Walking Services for NYC Dogs

We specialize in providing regular, small-group dog walks, with maximum 2~3 friendly dogs at a time, grouped based on their personality, exercise requirements, service length, and location.

We think exercise, socialization, and affectionate care are integral components to a healthy, balanced, happy life. Every day we’ll strive to give your pup her daily dose and to make it the best experience possible.

Our Take on Dog Walking

Dog Walking Rates

Standard Walks
Discounted Packages
30 min
$24 /visit
    Packages of
    30 min
    starting at $20 /walk
      45 min
      $30 /visit
        Packages of
        45 min
        starting at $26 /walk
          1 hour
          $36 /visit
            Packages of
            1 hour
            starting at $31 /walk
              90 min
              $46 /visit
                Packages of
                90 min
                starting at $42 /walk

                  Dog Walking FAQ

                  In what parts of NYC do you provide dog walking services?2022-01-15T17:54:17-05:00

                  Our NYC dog walkers are available for dog walks in Downtown Manhattan, in the following neighborhoods:

                  Map of service area in NYC
                  • Chelsea (bellow 26th St)
                  • Madison Square
                  • Murray Hill (bellow 42nd St)
                  • Kips Bay
                  • Gramercy Park
                  • Stuyvesant
                  • West Village
                  • Greenwich Village
                  • NoHo
                  • East Village
                  • SoHo
                  • Little Italy
                  • Tribeca
                  • Chinatown

                  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not provide any services in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island.

                  What are your hours of operation?2021-08-09T23:11:05-04:00

                  Our hours of operation are:

                  • Weekdays: 9 AM to 6 PM
                  • Weekends: 10 AM to 3 PM
                  • Holidays: 10 AM to 3 PM

                  We do our best to accommodate all of our dogs’ needs, and one of our dog walkers is usually available for walks during our work hours.

                  To ensure our availability during weekends or holidays, the walks must be booked at least a day in advance.

                  Will the same dog walker care for my dog every time?2022-01-14T23:25:30-05:00

                  Clients who are signed up for a quarterly or yearly package of walks have a primary dog walker as well as a secondary (backup) dog walker. This ensures that even if the primary walker is sick, or away on vacation, the dog and client will get the same level of care and attention from another familiar NYC Doggies dog walker.

                  Dogs who are not signed up for a walking package, or are on an individual, weekend, holiday, or off-hours walk, are not guaranteed a primary dog walker. However, our team is not that big. Chances are the walk will still be with an NYC Doggies dog walker that your dog already knows very well.

                  Do you walk dogs individually or in packs?2020-10-22T15:55:02-04:00

                  We mostly walk dogs in small groups of maximum 2~3 dogs at a time, and prioritize exercise and socialization. We group dogs based on their personality, location, length of walk, and whether they must go to the dog run or not. All our dogs are very friendly and they always get excited to meet their other dog friends. 

                  We only provide individual dog walks to our existing walking customers, when special needs arise, like when their dog isn’t feeling well or is sick and contagious.

                  We do not walk dogs in large packs (4 dogs or more at a time).

                  Do you take dogs to the dog park or walk them on the streets?2020-10-22T15:55:58-04:00

                  That depends on your preference. It will be your choice whether we walk your dog on the streets or to the dog run. 

                  We love the city’s dog runs! It’s the place where dogs can run free, exercise, play and socialize with lots of other dogs and people. It’s where they get the chance to just be dogs. Every one of our dog walkers is a highly trained dog professional, able to handle tough situations, and to ensure that our dogs stay safe.

                  Do your clients give you their keys?2020-10-22T15:59:48-04:00

                  The majority of our customers give us their keys. In that case, we usually need 2 sets of keys. One set stays with the primary walker, and the second set (the backup) stays in our locked UPS mailbox. The keys are never tagged with the customer’s address.

                  For clients that live in doorman buildings, we prefer that the keys stay with the doorman.

                  Are you bonded and insured?2020-10-22T15:59:02-04:00

                  We are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates. Our insurance covers all NYC Doggies dog walkers and offers protection against any damage to your home, property or pets while in our care.

                  Can you provide references?2021-08-11T17:55:06-04:00

                  In our initial meeting we will discuss all the details regarding our dog walking service and also provide you with a list of some of our clients, whom we’ll encourage you to contact.

                  We have clients that have been with us for almost 20 years, who won’t hesitate to share with you their long-term experience with NYC Doggies.

                  How do I get started?2020-10-22T15:58:37-04:00

                  Please visit our “Contact” page and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you shortly with answers to all your questions and set up a time to meet in person or via Zoom.
                  Then, we’ll be ready to start whenever you are, providing we’re all happy with the meeting outcome.

                  Photos from our walks

                  Getting Started with NYC Doggies

                  1. Email Us

                  Let us know how we can help.

                  2. Meet With Us

                  We’ll meet in person, or on a Zoom call, to discuss all aspects of the services you are interested in.

                  3. Register

                  Create your account with NYC Doggies. We’ll send you the link where you can do that.

                  4. The Fun Begins

                  We’ll be ready to provide services at your earliest convenience.

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