Personalized Services for NYC Dogs

– since 2002 –

Illustration of dog being trained

Dog Training

Board-training and one-on-one training lessons for dogs who are 6 months or older.

Illustration of dog being walked on the leash

Dog Walking

Small group walks for friendly dogs, with a focus on exercise and socialization.

Illustration of dog hiking

Dog Hiking

Off-leash hiking and swimming in the mountains. Small hiking groups. GPS tracking.

Illustration of puppy playing with a stuffed toy

Dog Boarding

Caring for dogs we know well through our services, from our own homes, while you are away.


We love our dogs, and because of that our clients love us. Check out what our clients are saying about NYC Doggies.

… They have literally helped to save Aurora’s life….There are not enough stars for how I feel about this incredible team Ovidiu has brought together. So how do I feel about NYC Doggies? Blessed that they are in our lives!!!!!

John M, Aurora's dad

There are tons of dog walkers and “trainers” in NYC but very few I would trust with my dog. I feel so fortunate to have met Ovi and his staff and I can’t praise them enough. If you are looking for a service like the one they provide then look no further, you have found the best!

Heidi F, Brandy's mom

Where to start… Jen and everyone at NYC Doggies are the absolute best! We have used them for hikes and boarding for the past two years and could not be happier… They have made Dune (and Parker) very happy and they have allowed us to be without our dogs and not have to worry. They are honest, knowledgeable, and reliable. They really love and care about dogs and it shows. They have been the best to work with. I would highly recommend them!

Kelly J., Dune and Parker's mom

They started walking my puppy when she was 8 weeks old. She’s now over a year and we have had a wonderful experience! My dog has started hiking with them occasionally, and they take care of switching keys over between walkers depending on the day. They post videos and photos of them hiking and my dog always comes back happy and tired. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a steady affordable walker.

Bailey A., Elphie's mom

…Ovi and his team have taken care of Lucy since we first brought her home. She has been walked, gone through training, and spent time at Ovi’s house while we were away. We love Ovi and so does Lucy.

Marita O., Lucy's mom

Our dog Maggie arrived in our home as an adorable, wild puppy. Ovidiu trained her and now she is an adorable, well-mannered dog. We have used Ovi and his team for four years for boarding Maggie when we are out of town and to walk her when we can’t. She adores NYC Doggies and so do we!!!!! HIGHLY recommended.

Julie S, Maggie's mom

I watched the walkers in the dog park for 2 weeks. One stood out, consistently, every day: Ovi. He spent the entire time in the park with the dog playing with him and training him when needed. The dog was large and needed to be exercised. In the 45 minutes I watched, Ovi never stopped. The next day he was there again with a smaller dog. Same thing. On his feet, enticing the dog to move and play. He never sat down…

Kelly K., Merv's mom

… Professionals that communicate. Good value.
Each dog walk they scan the dog and email you exactly when the dog is picked up. I communicate daily with my dog walkers. They have even taken our dog on a hike which she had a blast on. GPS collars and everything. Thanks NYC doggies.

Ben H., Misu's dad