Raising a Pandemic Puppy

by Jennifer Wheeler

This article was published on Medium. Below is an excerpt. 

One of the most oft-cited reasons dog-loving humans postpone getting a puppy is because they don’t have time to provide a furry baby with the love and care she needs. The current pandemic has changed everything, and if recent adoption rates are any indication, a lot of families are deciding that there is no better time to add a canine member. Confinement to the home means time for puppy training, but perhaps more importantly, the companionship and comfort provided by a pet are the perfect antidote to new social distancing norms.

Bringing home a puppy, however, is the easy part. Most new puppy owners will need to consult a variety of resources — veterinarians, friends, books, and articles — to learn how to train, housebreak, and care for their dog. The sea of information can feel overwhelming when managing the daily trials of caring for a puppy at home, in isolation, so we suggest starting with a few simple bedrock principles. They will help you sift through advice, find your rhythm, and lay the right foundations for a lifetime with your new pup . . .

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