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Dog Run Walks

We strongly believe that dogs, in order to be truly happy, need to exercise and socialize with other dogs and people ... and what better way to achieve that in NY City than in the dog run.

Our dog walkers are highly trained dog handlers focused on keeping our dogs safe while they have fun playing or being cuddled by people.
Lucky dogs!

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NYC Doggies walks on the streets in Chelsea

Street Walks

When walking our doggies on the streets of NYC we strive to exercise them, explore the nearby neighborhoods and parks, keep them safe from dangerous manholes, stop them from eating from the streets and of course, claim ownership of city's fire hydrants.

Fire hydrants here we come!

NYC Doggies dog running on NYC streets
NYC Doggies dog walks in Central Park
NYC Doggie in Leroy Dog Run

Doggie Gymnastics

Exercise is important to a dog's health and happines! We work hard to provide our dogs with oportunities to exercise and stay fit. We engage them in ball games, encourage them to play with other dogs and take them on long walks and running through the neighborhood.

NYC Doggies in Union Sq Dog Run
NYC Doggies in Battery Park
NYC Doggies in Washington Sq Dog Run

Our NYC Dog Walkers’ Philosophy

At NYC Doggies we all work as dog walkers because we love dogs, period. Our approach to dog walking is simple – exercise and socialization are integral components to a healthy, balanced, happy life, and it is our job to give your pup her daily dose, making it the best experience possible.

We provide our dogs with a safe environment and as much exercise, play, and love as we can. We also believe that a strong bond between dog walker and dog is of the utmost importance, and our dog walking business is designed to cultivate and sustain those relationships. By keeping our New York City dog walking service small and local, we can work as a tight-knit team, providing individualized care to each dog walking client.

Our team members are carefully selected for their experience and reliability, and they are rigorously trained by Ovidiu. Our dogs have one primary NYC Doggies dog walker, but also get to know the rest of the team so that when a pup’s primary dog walker is sick or on vacation, a familiar face will be there to take him for a walk. Our NYC dog walkers are dedicated, highly qualified dog care providers, trained to handle any situation and always ensure a safe experience for your dog.

Our NYC Dog Walking Service

We offer dog walks to suit all of our dogs’ ages and personalities. We recommend hour-long small group dog walks for most dogs (maximum 3 very friendly dogs per group), with each member of the group carefully chosen by considering their personality, size, and geographic proximity to one another. NYC Doggies’ dog walkers provide our dogs with as much playtime as possible by visiting neighborhood dog runs and minimizing time spent on the street.

While providing a superior service for our dogs is the priority, we also do everything we can to make using our New York City dog walking service easy and pleasant for dog owners. We like to keep you updated and informed, so every day when your dog is returned home, her NYC Doggies dog walker will leave a note detailing the day’s exploits and adventures. To get an even better sense of the fun their pups have, clients can see photos by visiting their dog’s webpage on our website. There, clients can also view their schedule and invoices with an online system that helps us to provide an efficient, seamless service.

Our commitment to providing the best service extends to flexibility in scheduling – our dog walkers will always do their absolute best to accommodate last minute, occasional, and weekend walks.

Dog Walking Service Availability

Our New York City dog walkers are available in the following neighborhoods of Manhattan: West Village, East Village, Union Square, Madison Square, Gramercy Park, Chelsea, Soho, Tribeca, Battery Park City and The Financial District.

Dog Walking FAQ

Do you walk dogs individually or in packs?
Do you walk dogs on weekend, on short notice, early in the morning or late at night?
Do you take the dogs to the dog park or walk them on the streets?
How do I know if my dog was walked?
Do customers give you their keys?
Who are your dog walkers?
Will the same dog walker care for my dog every time?
Are you bonded and insured?
Can you provide references?
How do I get started?

NYC Dog Walking Rates

We highly recommend our 1 hour regular dog walk. During the 1 hour dog walks, our NYC dog walkers take the dogs to the dog run where they get the most fun, exercise and plenty of time to socialize with their human and canine friends.

  • Choose your walk

    (additional state tax of %8.875 not included)

  • Occasional walks:
    - the walks that are not on a regular, repeating pattern
    - the dog requires 3 or less walks per week, on a regular basis.
    -the walks that are scheduled that same day.
    -All walks before 9 AM and after 6 PM
    Occasional walk extra
  • Weekend walk extra
  • Holiday extras apply only during federal holiday walksHoliday walk extra
  • We only offer 30 min private walksPrivate walk extra
  • Discount applies to dogs from the same household.Additional dog discount
  • 2 hours

  • $40

    per walk

  • $10
  • $10
  • $20
  • no
  • - $15